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7 Of The Best Email Lifecycles – Part: 3

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Upsell/Cross-sell emails In Part 3 of our review in email lifecycles, we will discuss emails which can be used to upsell/cross-sell to your customers. Cross-selling and upselling email lifecycles represent a highly effective marketing technique that has the power to boost your sales considerably. Let’s first understand more about these processes and then study how we can apply them in our product… Read more »

Unconventional Email Lifecycles for Unconventional Growth


Email lifecycles are completely automated and they should be data driven with visitor events & business intelligence data. With that in mind, you can “growth hack” your way to better lead generation or revenue with some unorthodox techniques. You might be hunting for growth with traditional lifecycles such as cart abandonment emails, browse abandonment emails and welcome emails and this… Read more »

The 7 Best Email Lifecycles and How to Execute Them: Part 1

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Email marketing has come a long way since companies blasted their offers to customers without any personalization techniques. The looming scourge of spam email and a cluttered inbox full of irrelevant messages have still not decreased the popularity of email as a marketing medium. But marketers are still very far from utilizing the full potential of email marketing. In a study… Read more »