Phil Jackson – Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

11 rings - soul of success

Business book fatigue: it’s a very real disease. After devouring “must read” business books for several weeks, my brain was tired of business principles or marketing strategies. I knew I was in a rut and needed something different. This prompted a trip to the library with the mission of finding something fresh. An approach that I typically use to mix… Read more »

How We Increased Average Order Value by 15% Overnight

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For high performance online retailers, we often have a fanatical obsession with increasing conversion rates. It’s such a drug! With higher conversion rates, you can drive more traffic, increase budgets and increase profitability. However, there is another important component in the all important revenue per visit metric that is too often ignored: average order value! It is a no-brainer, best practice… Read more »

The Paradox of Choice and Website Testing

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paradox of choice

Do you ever wonder why luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama wear (pretty much) the same outfit day in and day out? Zuckerberg is typically seen with the same grey t-shirt every time he is in public. Obama has a closet full of the exact same grey and blue suits. When confronted why this is the case, he… Read more »

Steal Like An Artist – Book Summary and Notes

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steal like an artist

I recently read Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative. I saw it in a bookstore and picked it up since the title contained one of my favorite phrases. It was a quick read, but it did a good job on espousing some of the key elements that anyone in any type of creative role should follow… Read more »

When Should You End a Website A/B Test?

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A frequent quandary that comes up in conversion rate optimization is: when should you end a website A/B test? Statistically speaking, ending a test at the wrong time could result in incorrect conclusions and a dangerous precedent for false assumptions and learnings. The traditional chi-squared calculation used by most testing tools recommends a minimum sample size based on the estimated… Read more »

Difference Between Lead Generation and E-Commerce Marketing


What is the difference between pay per click strategy with lead generation and e-commerce campaigns? In my experience with pay per click marketing, there are usually two main ROI focused end goals of most of the pay per click campaigns I have dealt with: lead generation and e-commerce. In lead generation, you are using your campaigns to direct the right… Read more »

PPC Should Be a Part of Every Marketing Department’s Budget

PPC Knives

Companies big and small are taking a closer look at their budget for “expendable” costs and marketing is often the first department to suffer drastic cuts. However, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing should not be on the chopping block! Top Advantages of Rolling with PPC for your marketing plans: 1. Flexible budget – the budgets for your PPC campaigns can… Read more »

Free Tools from Google to Help Your PPC Campaign

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free ppc tools

Free Tools from Google to Help Your PPC Campaign The world is currently undergoing a global recession of epic proportions, and one of the tell-tale signs of belt tightening is the reduction of marketing budgets. Everything from employees to marketing tools are being examined with a different type of magnifying glass now versus 2005. With that being said, here is… Read more »

The Apple Manifesto

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Mike Markkula was one of the three founding members of Apple, Inc. and helped to shape some of the founding principles of the company. He helped to mentor and advise Steve Jobs when he was running Apple out of his garage. In Job’s official self-titled biography, Markkula helped to embody some important guidelines for the fledging company that still ring… Read more »

WordPress – Best SEO Plugins for Optimizing Your WP Site

The Internet Loves Wordpress

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) has evolved from its humble beginnings as a b2 blog platform offshoot into one of the Internet’s true darlings, universally beloved as oh hai kitten photos and narwhals. Although its true strength still lies in being an accessible and powerful blogging platform, a huge proportion of its users are now using it for their own… Read more »