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Supercharge Your Account With RLSA

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RLSA explanation

RLSA, or Remarketing List for Search Ads, is a dynamite way to bring remarketing to your account to achieve ROI nirvana. RLSA is an advanced strategy that has been proven to bring efficiencies to your campaigns by understanding the value on returning visitors through remarketing across search ads. How It Works Remarketing in its fundamental form is to advertise to… Read more »

PPC Should Be a Part of Every Marketing Department’s Budget

PPC Knives

Companies big and small are taking a closer look at their budget for “expendable” costs and marketing is often the first department to suffer drastic cuts. However, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing should not be on the chopping block! Top Advantages of Rolling with PPC for your marketing plans: 1. Flexible budget – the budgets for your PPC campaigns can… Read more »

Free Tools from Google to Help Your PPC Campaign

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free ppc tools

Free Tools from Google to Help Your PPC Campaign The world is currently undergoing a global recession of epic proportions, and one of the tell-tale signs of belt tightening is the reduction of marketing budgets. Everything from employees to marketing tools are being examined with a different type of magnifying glass now versus 2005. With that being said, here is… Read more »

How To Squeeze More Performance Out of a Mature PPC Campaign

squeeze ppc juice

When a PPC campaign is started or if you have just begun the optimization process, you may experience an exponential amount of growth and improvement in the first few months. Life is good and the percentages of growth month over month makes life a party. Break out the tequila! However, there comes a time where this slows down and the… Read more »

New Google Adwords Mobile App Extension

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Google AdWords continues to innovate their AdWords platform for mobile. Why would they not? This keeps them light years ahead of other advertising platforms (I’m looking at you, MSN) and mobile is the new frontier that needs to be tapped if Google wants to continue to dominate. The latest extension is known as the “Mobile App Extension,” shown below: It… Read more »