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37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady


*This is reposted from the FastCompany as I can’t find a copy online to link to – it’s one of my favorite articles Don’t build a fast company, Jason Fried tells Fast Company. Build a slow one. Jason Fried is a founder and CEO of 37signals, a software company based in Chicago. Fried also treats 37signals as something of a… Read more »

Difference Between Lead Generation and E-Commerce Marketing


What is the difference between pay per click strategy with lead generation and e-commerce campaigns? In my experience with pay per click marketing, there are usually two main ROI focused end goals of most of the pay per click campaigns I have dealt with: lead generation and e-commerce. In lead generation, you are using your campaigns to direct the right… Read more »

The Apple Manifesto

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Mike Markkula was one of the three founding members of Apple, Inc. and helped to shape some of the founding principles of the company. He helped to mentor and advise Steve Jobs when he was running Apple out of his garage. In Job’s official self-titled biography, Markkula helped to embody some important guidelines for the fledging company that still ring… Read more »