How you can Apply Rework to how YOU Work

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I just finished reading Rework by the great folks over at 37Signals and it really struck me at my core. Most of the book revolves around the “new” way of doing business, and it really validated everything I felt since I started my career. To have it presented to me in the written word without any BS fluff was fairly eye opening. As for my own philosophy concerning reading business/entrepreneur-type books, here’s what I usually do:

  • I try to put it into practice immediately so it sticks in my head.
  • Writing it down also seems to have the same effect as I am effectively thinking about it twice while having to digest the ideas.
  • Nothing helps to solidify newly learned concepts like teaching it to others. Try to pass down some of your new knowledge to the less experienced members of your team.
  • I really like bullet points.

Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

This blog will focus on some of the more quotable aspects of the book. Within the first couple of pages, Jason and David already struck on a gem; they stated that the common and overused business phrase of “You Need To Learn from Your Mistakes” is one of the most common misconceptions of the modern business era. The writers broke it down as follows:

  • Sure, it’s good to not make a mistake again. BUT, it doesn’t help you to figure out what to do next!
  • It’s more valuable with learning from your successes. What does this mean? It means successes need to be scrutinized, broken down into specific elements and replicated. It means that if a PPC account has a great week, I will go and break it down just as critically as if it had a horrific week. The reason for this is that I need to figure out the exact variables needed to replicate it in this account and possibly my other accounts as well.
  • I usually hate quoting studies, but a Harvard Business School study found that “already-successful entrepreneurs are far more likely to succeed again (34%)” than others. They know what it takes to succeed, and they will replicate those elements in their future projects.

Stay tuned for more juicy, actionable tidbits from Rework.

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