About Edwin



I’m Edwin Choi – welcome to my blog. I started my career as a voracious consumer of blogs, podcasts, videos and other forms of content online and I am eternally grateful that I have been able to learn about digital marketing 24/7 whenever I want. However, after a while it quickly grew stale and finding deep, insightful content became increasingly difficult.

This blog will serve as an education center for the many lessons and experiments that I have conducted since starting my career in hopes that it will be useful to the online marketing community.

Hope you enjoy,

Edwin Choi

Career Overview

After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with degrees in International Studies & Management, I entered the workforce as a digital marketing intern at a local marketing agency. The economy was in the throes of one of the worst recessions in US history, so I worked as an unpaid intern for 40+ hours a week until I could prove my worth (which thankfully took a month). I spent every evening and every weekend trying to catch up to my peers by ingesting as much content as possible and by experimenting with sites. As a firm believer of “learning by doing,” I also launched SEO side projects as a means of experimenting with Google’s algorithms and took on clients so I could expose myself to more verticals and situations.

I left in 2011 to join mobovida, LLC, a vertically integrated online retailer, as a Marketing Manager. Over the course of 4 years, I took all marketing channels in-house while building a world class, rock star marketing team that more than quintupled company revenues. I established a monstrously fanatical data-driven, testing oriented company culture as we continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in the realm of digital marketing.

My personal formula for success is:

  • Your work ethic will always be the one variable you can always control, so be the hardest working guy in the room.
  • Always try to find the root cause – don’t stop until you can definitely answer the question: why? That’s one of the best ways to learn.
  • Doing the things others aren’t willing to do will separate you from the pack
  • Your accomplishments won’t ever scale unless your team scales with you

Thought Leadership

Speaker at Shop.org, September 2016

Speaker at Domain Startup Summit, July 2016

Speaker at Oracle Modern Marketing Mashup, March 2016

Bloomreach E-Commerce Elite Founding Member, September 2015

Selected Publications

Ultimate Guide to Restructuring your Google Shopping Campaign,” SingleGrain (June 2016)

How we Instantly Raised AOV by 10%+,” GrowthEverywhere (June 2016)

Edwin Choi Reveals Mobovida’s Customer Acquisition Recipe,” GrowthEverywhere (May 2016)

Dialing in a mobile audience,” Facebook.com (February 2016)

5 Secrets to Improve Conversion Rates for Online Sales,” Website Magazine (August 2015)

7 Deadly Sins Of Google Product Listing Ads (And How To Avoid Them),” SEMRush (October 2015)

6 Reasons Why ‘Hard’ SEO Beats ‘Easy’ SEO,” AllBusiness (January 2016)